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Friday, January 18, 2008

A Reminder on the power of Blogging!

Kelly came in on Tuesday for a budoir session. She is a local bride on The Knot. The day after her session I posted a few images on my blog for her "sneak peek". She posted a link on her Knot message board, and I had over 300 hits to my blog that day!!! I also had two brides contact me that had seen her images on my blog. This is what Kelly wrote to me:

"Amy,Thank you for making the night so comfortable for me. I already posted about it on the knot and referred them to your blog to look at the pictures. 8 girls replied that they are interested in doing some pics too so hopefully they will give you a call. I'll post more rave reviews after looking at all the rest. -Kelly"

How can you afford to NOT blog with results like this?? It is an incredibly powerful marketing tool!!!