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Sunday, February 3, 2008

Blogging really IS amazing!

I just realized that I am receiving approx. 2000 hits on my c0nsumer blog every week!!! WEEK!! No, I didn't say month, I said WEEK! That makes it 8000 hits a MONTH! Isn't that insane!? Xanga has a really cool tracking system built right into it that tracks the number of "footprints" on your blog, where they're coming from, and if they have come from a search engine you can see the keywords they were searching! All of this is extremely useful in anaylizing our readers and what we can do to seek out new readers!!

I had a session I posted about a week or so ago and how she posted a link to her pics on my blog. I had an amazing number of hits to my blog that day, and I could see they were all coming from her link! Viral Marketing is extremely powerful!!! From that one link, I have received 3 inquiries and I am sure more are still going to come. Plus she has referred me to several of her friends and coworkers, and all she has seen is her sneak peek on my blog! Isn't that something?!?

Catch the wave, you know you want to!!!


Mickey said...

Amy, thank's for getting us inspired about blogging. I have had a blog for a few years on Xanga but have been very lax in using it until yesterday when we analyzed the hits we had to our website all from an engagement slideshow I had posted on my blog. The bride let all her friends know and since we've put some tracking on our web pages available from Google, we've been able to see where the traffic comes from. Yes, blogging is powerfull!

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