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Monday, May 19, 2008

Proof Of Blogging!!

I had a fantastic wedding this weekend and emailed the bride a link to view her "sneak peek" on my BLOG (I use xanga for my primary blog). As of 5:30p.m. today I have had 245 hits to my blog! Since I am using xanga I can see where my footprints are coming from, and the majority of them are coming from an email in-box!! That tells me that my bride forwarded the link on to her friends and family like I invited her to do!! I am really curious to see what my footprints are later tonight! They say that Mondays are the number one traffic day for reading blogs, and couple that with the fact that I had a fabulous bride this weekend, I am really not suprised at the traffic!! (normal traffic for me is about 200 hits a day!)

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